Seven Simple Outdoor Wedding Ideas

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What’s not to love about an outdoor wedding? The cool breeze, natural sunlight, and lush greenery–it’s the perfect backdrop for a romantic celebration. Plus, there are so many ways you can transform the outdoors into your own unique setting.

While you can go completely over the top for your outdoor wedding, keeping the decor simple is not only budget-friendly but helps make your picturesque backdrop shine. If you desire an intimate affair with your nearest and dearest, an al fresco event is perfect for you–whether it’s held at a grand estate or in your neighbor’s dreamy backyard.

Inspired by the minimalism of our simple greenery wedding invitation (aka the Hillary Suite), today’s wedding inspiration post is ideal for the outdoorsy couple who wants a classic wedding filled with vintage touches and romantic vibes.

And lest you think an outdoor wedding is just for country folks, here are seven simple outdoor wedding ideas that don’t involve burlap, barns or mason jars.

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Vintage Lights

Vintage string lights over long banquet-style tables offer understated elegance that’s ideal for a late afternoon or evening wedding. This casual dining scene is elevated with simple greenery and chic stemware. A wooden table also gives a refreshing Tuscan vibe and allows for free-flowing conversation among guests. This also makes for a great head table idea, and offers plenty of seating for your family and bridal party at one table.

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Simple Ceremony Decor

Sometimes, all you need is a gorgeous tree to recite your vows in front of! Eucalyptus accents offer a unique touch to aisle decor, and if you’re feeling really whimsical, you can’t go wrong standing between two large floral centerpieces. Pair these details together to make your simple outdoor wedding unexpectedly chic and romantic.

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Intimate Seating and Whimsical Aisle Decor

If I had known pews were an option when I was getting married, I would have reconsidered the white chairs that came standard with our venue. Pews make for a really intimate celebration, as family and friends can cozy up to one another as you recite your vows. Throw in a few pillows for extra comfort. And you can’t go wrong with simple greenery for aisle decor, too, which adds to the charm of this romantic mood.

Simple Greenery Wedding Invitation.jpg

Simple Greenery Wedding Invitation from Betty Lu Paperie on Etsy

Simple Greenery Wedding Invitation

Celebrate your love story with an invitation that reflects the mood of your big day. This simple greenery wedding invitation is the perfect compliment to an outdoor celebration. With delicate calligraphy and a watercolor wreath, this classic design reflects an understated elegance that’s fitting for a timeless event.

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Minimalist Cake

True story: My mom used to decorate wedding cakes back in the 80s. That’s when cakes had ruffles, pearls, pillars and a fountains on them. Basically, they all looked like Princess Diana’s dress. Because she is an expert baker and icing artist, she is not a fan of minimalist cakes. (The more icing to eat, the better, right?!) However, I love the simplicity of an iced cake with a hint of greenery and a flower or two. It looks effortless (and delicious!) and reminds me of old world romance.

Simple Wedding Seating Chart.jpg

Simple Wedding Seating Chart from Betty Lu Paperie on Etsy

Simple Wedding Seating Chart

With your simple greenery wedding invitation comes matching day-of stationery, like this wedding seating chart. Seating charts are one of my top three necessary wedding stationery items, and a minimalist board makes reception seating a total breeze. Display in a visible spot at your reception so guests can easily find their table during cocktail hour.

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Chic Table Decor

Skip the linens and let the natural wood from your dining table shine. And just because you’re hosting a simple outdoor wedding doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of flair. Vintage stemware and colorful plates give this tablescape character. Add a pop of gold flatware to your greenery and white wedding for a hint of glamour, and bring it all together with natural greens.

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