Eight Wedding Invitation Hacks to Save You Time and Money

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Whether your wedding invitations are stacked in a pile before you or you’re about to click the “order now” button on your stationer’s website, I have eight simple wedding invitation hacks to save you time and money.

I once read somewhere that opening a wedding invitation is unlike opening any other piece of mail–so true, right?

So much thought and care goes into envelope addressing, invitation wording, design and other elements that make your invitation unique.

Wedding invitations might seem like a simple to-do, but, as with anything wedding-related, it can be more involved than it appears. Fortunately, these helpful wedding invitation hacks will make the process a bit easier for you.

After helping thousands of brides over the past five years, I have learned a few common tricks of the trade that will save you time, money and any last-minute headaches. 

Here are my top eight wedding invitation hacks. 

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    1. Use a wedding return address stamp.

    I printed my own wedding invitation envelopes at home on a seven-year-old printer, and oh-em-gee was it frustrating. As this was my foray into the stationery industry, I didn’t know there was a such thing as cute wedding return address stamps.

    I don’t want any of my clients to go through the turmoil of envelope printing paper jams, and obviously, I want your invitations to be gorgeous from your envelopes to your RSVP cards. So a rubber stamp is number one for my favorite wedding invitation hacks.

    If you're hiring a calligrapher for envelope addressing, you can save money by using a rubber stamp for return addressing. Otherwise, if you DIY your envelope addressing, a return address stamp is going to be a huge timesaver for you. 

    Bonus Tip: If you order a metallic ink pad (like gold, copper, or silver) it needs to be set with heat in order to dry properly. I recommend getting an embossing heat gun from your local craft store. The heat will allow the ink to dry quickly and prevent smudging!

    2. Order extra wedding invitations. (To find out how many you need, download the Wedding Guest List Worksheet at the end of this post.)

    For some brides, this seems obvious. However, it’s worth mentioning again because I see so many make this mistake.

    Have at least 10-20 extra wedding invitation sets. To get a better estimate, check out this article I wrote on how many wedding invitations to order. Or download the guide at the bottom of this post.

    Ordering the exact amount of wedding invitations might seem like it will save you money, but it is incredibly costly to order extra prints at a later date. Avoid paying rush printing or shipping fees plus the high cost of ordering a small print run by adding extra prints to your current invitation order.

    3. Save money with your wedding website.

    Although I love the look of a full suite–one that includes the invitation, response card, accommodations insert, etc.–you can save money and assembly time by using your wedding website wisely.

    Nix the extra details cards and opt for a simple wedding website card. Your wedding website can include details that everyone needs–like accommodation information, registry details and even the option to RSVP online.

    You can also include your wedding website on your invitation, although I don’t recommend this for formal weddings. But if your wedding is more backyard than black tie, by all means include your website at the bottom of your invitation.

    4. Use an envelope moistener or a glue stick to seal envelopes.

    The quickest way to seal your envelopes is with an envelope moistener or a glue stick, both of which are perfect for lined or unlined envelopes.

    I don’t recommend using a moistened sponge or licking to seal. Of course, there are obvious sanitary reasons why you shouldn’t lick to seal, but a moistened sponge may not be effective. Envelopes can be finicky, and depending on what temperature they are stored at, sometimes the original envelope adhesive can lose its “stickiness”.

    Get my favorite envelope moistener on Amazon here. I also include one with every invitation order placed through Betty Lu Paperie.

    5. Be clear about plus-ones.

    Limited venue space? Adults-only wedding? Include a line on your response cards that says, “We have reserved ___ seat(s) in your honor". (Use “honour” if you are hosting a formal wedding and using formal invitation wording.)

    You will write-in the number of seats reserved for each household. This wedding invitation hack may add to your assembly time as you write in the number of reserved seats, but it makes it clear to guests that you can only hold a certain number of seats for them. It can also prevent unexpected guests from coming, which will save you money.

    Wedding Invitation Hacks.jpg

    6. Include postage on response envelopes.  

    Make it super simple for your guests to RSVP by including postage on your response envelopes. Not only is this a common courtesy, but it also makes it easier for guests to return to you promptly. Reply cards typically only require the cost of one postage stamp.

    7. Proofread, proofread, proofread!

    Finding a typo on your stationery after it has already been printed can be incredibly costly. Enlist the help of a grammar-loving friend and make sure at least 2-3 people read over your invitations before you approve your proofs. Double check that the day of the week is correct on your stationery, especially if your wedding is on any other day than Saturday, and also check that the year is correct, too.

    One suggestion is to read bottom to top, right to left. But I also have a really handy wedding invitation checklist that will help with proofreading.

    8. Hand cancel your invitations.

    What is hand canceling? Typically, mail is sorted through a machine. To make sure your invitations stay in tip-top shape, it is preferable to have them sorted by hand (or “hand canceled”) rather than a machine, which can make lots of marks on them.

    Hand canceling is especially necessary for those who have added embellishments like wax seals, paper bands, and ribbon, all of which can be flattened or ruined when sorted through a machine.

    So technically, this is supposed to be a free service that every post office offers, but it also depends on who you ask. Larger post offices may not want to deal with sorting your invitations by hand. They may either deny your request or charge you an additional cost. Instead, go to the smallest post office near you to get this service for free.

    Bonus: Find out how many wedding invitations you really need

    No guest list? No problem! Maybe it’s early in the wedding planning process, but you would love to get a general estimate of how many wedding invitations to order.

    Or maybe you have your guest list finalized, but you aren’t sure who gets an invitation. Quickly figure out who (and who doesn’t) need their own invitation.

    Plus, learn how to make a guest list that everyone is happy with from your future mother-in-law to your Aunt Sue. (The key is balance!)

    Ready to dive in? Download the worksheet to finalize your guest list and learn exactly how many invitations to order–no matter where you are with planning.