Formal Wedding Invitation Wording

Formal Wedding Invitation Wording

You’ve found the perfect invitation, now what?

It’s time to personalize your wedding invitation and make it your own! This is the most exciting part, but sometimes wedding etiquette can be a little tricky to navigate–especially if you desire very formal wedding invitation wording.

There can be a lot of sensitive scenarios involved (especially in the case of divorced and/or remarried parents), and of course you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

This is where wedding invitation etiquette comes in handy. Not only can etiquette help you avoid grammatical mistakes, but it can also prevent hurt feelings. (Yes, really!)

A quick Google search will turn up plenty of advice on formal wedding invitation wording, etiquette and so on. It can be overwhelming, especially since you are completely new to this. (They don’t teach this in school, amiright?)

There are many different variations of wedding invitation wording, but if you want a truly timeless and formal wedding invitation, today’s post is just for you.

If you desire an elegant affair, your wedding invitation wording should reflect that. Your wording is a subtle cue that lets guests know whether or not you are hosting an upscale wedding or a laid-back celebration, and it is often the only indication guests will get before the big day of how snazzy your wedding will be. 

In this post, you'll learn a few simple steps for formal wedding invitation wording. Plus, get 12 wording samples to make all your own!

Let’s get started, shall we?

7 Light Blue Wedding Theme Ideas

7 Light Blue Wedding Theme Ideas

These light blue wedding theme ideas satisfy all of your pastel wedding dreams. If I’m honest, it leaves me wishing a could have a wedding do-over!

Sometimes, all you need are a few really great ideas to get you inspired before tackling your wedding planning to-do list.

If you have your heart set on a dreamy affair, full of elegant details with a hint of whimsy, you’ll adore today’s post.

New! Elegant Wedding Invitation Collection In the Shop

New! Elegant Wedding Invitation Collection In the Shop

Calling all 2019 brides!

A brand new wedding invitation collection–the Olivia Suite–just launched in my Etsy shop.

And it’s a bit different (in an exciting way!) than most other designs I offer.

Wedding planning is fun, but it can also be overwhelming. My goal is to make wedding stationery that pairs perfectly with your big day, but I also want to make the task of finding the right design a little easier for you.

Often times I have clients who are torn between two different wedding invitations from my shop–should the invitation have blush and pink flowers or blush and blue flowers? When you haven’t nailed down the color palette or bouquet flowers yet, sometimes it’s hard to make a decision on which wedding invitation will set the tone for your big day.

Or maybe, you just want something timeless and simple for your big day.

When to Order Wedding Invitations

When to Order Wedding Invitations

True story: I mailed my wedding invitations out four weeks before the big day. I was in such a panic, especially since I DIYed my invites and assembled with custom envelope liners, belly bands, vellum–you know, the works.

Overnight shipping from the print shop I used was outrageous, and once I had everything in my hands, I simply couldn’t get them assembled and in the mail fast enough.

You probably already know wedding invitations should be mailed out at least 6-8 weeks in advance of your wedding. (Even I knew that!)

But many brides are not sure when to order wedding invitations. (Hint: It is not a month before you need to mail them out!)

And while you’re juggling a full time job, planning a wedding, and trying to find a place together, little tasks like ordering invitations can really sneak up on you. (Trust me!)

In order to avoid rush fees, expedited shipping charges, and the added stress of mailing wedding invitations late, begin searching for a stationer as early as possible. Plus, the earlier you order, the more options you'll have to choose from–like specialty printing (hello, letterpress!) or envelope liners, both of which can take longer to produce.  

So, when is the best time to order wedding invitations? 

Seven Simple Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Seven Simple Outdoor Wedding Ideas

What’s not to love about an outdoor wedding? The cool breeze, natural sunlight, and lush greenery–it’s the perfect backdrop for a romantic celebration. Plus, there are so many ways you can transform the outdoors into your own unique setting.

While you can go completely over the top for your outdoor wedding, keeping the decor simple is not only budget-friendly but helps make your picturesque backdrop shine. If you desire an intimate affair with your nearest and dearest, an al fresco event is perfect for you–whether it’s held at a grand estate or in your neighbor’s dreamy backyard.

Inspired by the minimalism of our simple greenery wedding invitation (aka the Hillary Suite), today’s wedding inspiration post is ideal for the outdoorsy couple who wants a classic wedding filled with vintage touches and romantic vibes.

And lest you think an outdoor wedding is just for country folks, here are seven simple outdoor wedding ideas that don’t involve burlap, barns or mason jars.

Find Out How Many Wedding Invitations to Order

Find Out How Many Wedding Invitations to Order

“Oh no–I need to order three more wedding invitations, and I need them overnighted! They were supposed to be mailed out yesterday!”

“At least ten invitations got lost in the mail. Help! I need extras ASAP!”

One wedding planning task clients tend to overlook is knowing how many wedding invitations to order.

The above snippets are from emails I’ve seen from panicked brides, weeks away from the big day, who were short just a few invitations. You want to avoid this scenario, right? (And I’m guessing, you’d also like to avoid paying overnight shipping plus rush printing fees plus the high cost of ordering a small print run.)

Mistakes happen to the best of us–I get it! But knowing how many wedding invitations you need is one scenario you can avoid with proper planning.

While you don't want too many invitations (saving every little bit of money helps, right?), you also want to make sure you have enough with a handful to spare. 

Whether you're early in the wedding planning process or one step away from hiring your stationer, today's post is perfect for you.

So, how many invitations do you really need? Keep on reading! I have a very simple formula below to help you determine how many wedding invitations to order.

7 Ideas for a Burgundy Fall Wedding

7 Ideas for a Burgundy Fall Wedding

Fall is the most popular season for weddings, and it’s no surprise why. From cool weather to rich color schemes, it’s the perfect recipe for a romantic celebration. It’s only natural for fall brides to embrace a more autumnal palette, specifically jewel tones like burgundy and plum. A pop of blush offers balance between the darker shades and sets an autumn affair apart from the rest.

Get a jumpstart on wedding planning by checking out my favorite burgundy fall wedding ideas.

The Only Three Pieces of Wedding Stationery You Need

The Only Three Pieces of Wedding Stationery You Need

Wedding stationery doesn't have to be complicated. When it comes to wedding planning, many of us are guilty of striving for that over the top, Pinterest-perfect affair.

We order floral centerpieces that are way out of our budget.

We rent gold chairs that are $6 each because the free white chairs that the venue has on hand just will not do (true story).

And our wedding dress was only a few hundred dollars over-budget. 

You get the idea. 

If you're already overspending on big-ticket items, smaller details (like wedding invitations) tend to take less precedence. But there's no reason why you can't have elegant wedding stationery and dreamy tablescapes. 

After more than five years in business, I've learned there are only three wedding stationery pieces you actually need. 

Your Complete Wedding Stationery Checklist

Your Complete Wedding Stationery Checklist

Feeling a bit daunted by wedding paper goods? Don't be! This wedding stationery checklist will outline everything you need (and don't need) for your wedding. From the necessary invitations to the sentimental extras, here's a complete wedding stationery list.

Plus, there's a super helpful timeline at the end of this post. It's filled with exactly when you should order all of the stationery items listed below. If you're anything like me, this wedding planning timeline will be essential in guiding you along the way! 

Welcome to Betty Lu Paperie

Welcome to Betty Lu Paperie

Pop the bubbly! I'm so glad you're here, and that you've decided to follow along with Betty Lu Paperie. So come on in, sit back, relax, and allow me to show you around!

Named after my great aunt, Betty Joyce, our little company has grown a long way since my humble beginnings on Etsy in May 2013. Of course, you can read more about how I started here. Now, as I embark on the journey of opening an online boutique for this company, I can't wait to share all of the things I have in store for you.